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NOPS Services

Our block management service covers all matters relating to the management of blocks of flats including preparation of the annual accounts in draft format ready to be submitted to the management company’s accountants.

Block Management Services include:

  • Prepare and circulate notices/agenda of company meetings. If required, we will attend meetings, take minutes and circulate to shareholders.
  • Liaise with accountants and solicitors in relation to the sale/purchase of any units within the development and deal with notices of assignment and the issuing of share certificates. We reserve the right to charge any purchaser a fee for the issuing of a new share certificate


  • We will demand and collect service charges and ground rents of behalf of the management company
  • All monies will be held in a designated client account
  • We will approve and pay all bills on behalf of the company
  • We will provide full financial management for Directors meetings and prepare the annual accounts for submission to the Company’s auditors
  • We will prepare analysed figures annually in order to assist the Directors setting the budget for the next years’ service charge.

Maintenance and Repairs:

  • We will inspect the property on a regular basis as agreed
  • We will liaise with the Directors and Company approved surveyor in respect of preparing specification of works, obtaining quotes and overseeing/inspecting and signing off all large maintenance projects. When appropriate the S.20 consultancy regime will be applied
  • We will submit any insurance claims made under the company’s building insurance
  • We will ensure that all communal gardens and other areas are kept in a clean and satisfactory condition

In addition:

We will ensure that the appropriate statutory checks are carried out as required, e.g:
  • Health & Safety inspections
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Periodic Inspection Reports (fixed electrics, 5 year cycle)
  • Lift Maintenance