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Living With Pets

Everyone knows Britain is a Nation of pet lovers. Whether it’s gerbils in the garden, cats on the cushions or dogs on the duvet we love them, we just can’t be without them. Surprising then, that the unthinkable often happens with people have to give up their pets because they can’t find properties where they are welcome, which can be devastating.
Did you know that the charity Dogs Trust found that just less than half of the pet owners they surveyed who had used letting agencies found them to be unhelpful when it came to the issue of accommodating pets? In the end, they also found that about of third of pet lovers were simply unable to find a home for themselves and their pets.
At NOPS we put our money where our paws are and go the extra mile to persuade landlords to consider renting to pet owners. We are members of the Dogs Trust “Let with pets” campaign and a considerable number of our landlords will consider letting to pet owners which means they are likely to widen their market and in many cases, get contract renewals.
So if it is quality accommodation you are looking for to home you and your pets in Oxford give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you.