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Coping with moving day

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Six Weeks To Go…!!

As your tenancy draws to a close, the idea of moving out might seem a rather daunting and stressful task but it needn’t be as long as you prepare well in advance and take certain necessary steps.


1. Get Removal Quotes

Start getting removal quotes, asking whether they are a member of the British Association of Removers, and book them up.


2. Notify your Landlord

Don’t forget to give four weeks’ notice; otherwise you could forfeit your rent.


3. What Will You Be Taking?

Think about what you will be getting the removal company to be taking – considering bulky and heavier items. This is a good time to get rid of or sell unwanted items.


4. Extra or Temporary Storage

If you’re moving between properties it may be a good idea to store some of your belongings.


5. Packing

Make sure you have enough boxes and tape, ensure you label or mark each box so you know what’s in them when you need to unpack.


6. Extra help

If you’re not using professional removers, it may be a good idea to get some friends to help you pack days before the moving out date, instead of leaving it to the last minute the night before moving day.


7. Dispose of Unwanted Items

Start clearing out any outhouses or loft space and get rid of or sell unwanted items.


8. Notify Utility Companies

Make a note of meter readings and inform the utility companies of your intention to move out, stating the day in which you will be leaving the property.


Two Weeks To Go…!

As the time of your tenancy draws near, keep in mind these few things…


1. Packing

During the run-up to moving day, why not pack some non-essential items, so they don’t get forgotten at the last minute.


2. Notify People

Let people know your new address; especially the relevant providers.


3. Confirm

Confirm with the landlord or agent the moving in times, and also confirm that the relevant people know your new address.


4. Insurance

Make sure your insurance company will cover your possessions in transit, as well as in your new property.


5. Parking Arrangements

Check where you will be parking your car; if there isn’t car parking within the property find out where to go to get a permit.


6. Plan Your Arrival

Plan how you will be getting your belongings to the new property; will there be enough space on the road for the removal company to park? Discuss with the landlord/agent when the best time to pick up keys is.