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NOPS are renowned for knowing where to put your "property pound".

In the aftermath of World economic decline with only hints of an economic recovery evident, it is more important than ever before to ensure your Asset Management Programme is working for you to deliver above inflation growth and at a rate that outperforms other less attractive but guaranteed investment channels.

Part of your Asset portfolio may well be residential property which is why you should talk with North Oxford Property Services who know a thing or two about the importance of effective Property Asset Management. NOPS is a leading force in the Oxford residential property sector with the expertise and proven track record to advise Clients throughout the cycle of acquisition, profitable management and asset protection through effective maintenance programmes. We can also advise upon viable exit strategies should you need to liquidise assets to meet future changing needs or circumstances.

Knowing where to put your “Property pound” in Oxford to benefit from maximum market growth trends as well as having a well trained eye for up and coming areas is also something NOPS is renowned for. This means that working with us will enable you to devote your time to other pursuits with the confidence of knowing that your programme is running smoothly and generating sustained growth and profitability.

NOPS can advise and provide comprehensive property management services on any scale from single properties to large scale “Block managed” sites. Our Block Management services support Freeholders, Management Companies who have acquired Freehold and those aspiring to do so, ensuring a seamless effective, planned and cost effective maintenance programme which means that costs and service charges are affordable.

NOPS Block Management services act as or liaise with company secretaries, work with appointed Solicitors, prepare accounts, formulate services charge budgets, arrange notices of consent, alterations and variation of deeds. We ensure lease compliance, collect service charges and attend to all aspects of building maintenance including compliance with statutory obligations relating to health, safety, environment and waste management.

NOPS’ current portfolio includes small blocks as well as some of Oxford’s premium, high end developments such as Chancellor Park, The Lion Brewery and The Stream Edge in central Oxford. Our sites (typically ranging from 36 to 87 units) include an Estate with unusual management challenges such as a sluice gate and listed 19th Century Industrial Chimney which means that we are well placed to manage more unusual projects. We also have second line management responsibility (over-manager) for a public housing site. NOPS oversees insurance matters, appoints agents, takes care of emergencies and resolves issues when problems arise.

If you are looking for a dedicated Block/Managing Agent that can provide you with a tailored cost effectively solution to manage and protect your residential property assets in Oxford then contact Gary on 01865 318520. We take care of business so that you don’t have to.